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Bearberries – found in Asia, Europe, Central America, and North America – resemble a bunch of grapes. For thousands of years, ancient medical practitioners have been using bearberry as medicine to treat several types of medical conditions.

The Benefits of Bearberries

1. Prevents Urinary Tract Infection

Bearberries contain tannins, which help to maintain uterine health. Since the berry contains antiseptic properties, you can use it to treat UTI as well as reduce the bacteria found in urine.

Study: Treats UTI, urolithiasis, and reduces inflammation in the area.

2. Speeds the Healing Process

You will find ointments made from bearberries. You can apply the bearberry ointment on burns, bruises, wounds, and inflammation.

Study: Bearberry contains acids, which increase the speed of the healing process and eliminate pain and reduce inflammation at the same time.

3. Protects the Stomach

Bearberries can alleviate several types of gastrointestinal problems and prevent illnesses. The berry has the ability to eliminate the natural balance of bacteria found in the gut.

Study: Bearberries can prevent the activity of proteus vulgaris, E. coli, and several types of staphylococcus bacteria strains. The berry protects your systems from contracting common infections that can weaken it.

4. Detoxifies the Body

Bearberry is a natural diuretic. The berry works to release and eliminate toxins from your body at an increased rate. It also works to clean the kidneys and bladder.

Study: Bearberries eliminate salt, water, fat, and other toxic substances from your body and ensure your system works better.

Our Favorite Bearberry Recipe

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