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Beauty berries grow in Asia, Madagascar, Australia, North American, and South America. The small pinkish to reddish-purple berry grows in the winter or dry season. Not only do birds and other animals eat these berries, but people eat them too due to their numerous health benefits.

The Benefits of Beauty Berries

1. Antibacterial Properties

Beauty berries have antibacterial properties, which medical practitioners use to create herbal remedies. Their antibacterial properties have shown to prevent staph infections.

Study: Researchers stated that beauty berries can prevent staph infections and alleviate resistance development.

2. Promote Antioxidant Activity

Beauty berries promote both direct and indirect antioxidant activity. Beauty berries can combat oxidative damage due to inflammation and injuries.

Study: Researchers treated mice with beauty berries and found out that the plant extract contained NRF2 activators due to the presence of carnosol in it. They concluded that it might assist them with lung transplants.

3. Improve Memory

The leaves and twigs of the beauty berry contain the compound acteoside, which offers anti-amnesic activity in mice.

Study: Researchers provided mice with acteoside each day. When they tested the mice, they performed better in memory tests such as navigating the Morris water maze.

4. Lighten Skin

Beauty berry also work to lighten the skin. If you have a scar on your body, you can use beauty berry to lighten it to ensure it does not become darker.

Study: Researchers have concluded that the carnosol taken from the beauty berry plant can suppress the MITF gene, which then works to reduce the production of melanin.

Our Favorite Beauty Berry Recipe