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The black raspberry has around 72.54 calories per 100-gram serving. A 100-gram serving of black raspberries contain 16.75 grams of carb, 1.35 grams of protein, and 0.02 grams of fat.

Black raspberries originate from North America and have a very dark color. Black raspberry offers several health benefits, as they contain potent antioxidants, and can protects eyes from sun damage, and can even increase weight loss because they contain ketones.

The Benefits of Black Raspberry

1. Improve Heart Health

Black raspberries can improve heart health. They contain flavonoids, which reduce a person’s risk of developing heart disease. The presence of anthocyanins in the berries suppress inflammation, which can cause heart disease.

Study: A researcher uncovered that that eating black raspberries can decrease the risk of heart attack by 32% in young and middle-aged women.

2. Prevents Cancer

Black raspberries contain potent antioxidants, which function to eliminate free radicals from your body, reduce inflammation, and cease the growth of tumors.

Study: The polyphenols in black raspberries can slow the progression of several types of cancer such as lung, mouth, esophageal, endometrial, color, prostate, pancreatic, and pharynx.

3. Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Black raspberries contain a lot of fiber, which can help regular blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

Study: Research has revealed that people with Type 1 diabetes who maintain a high fiber diet have low blood sugar levels whereas people with type 2 diabetes have improved blood sugar levels, insulin levels, and lipid levels.

4. Lower the Risk of Disease

Black raspberries can lower the risk of disease due to the high fiber content in them.

Study: The high fiber content in black raspberries can reduce the risk of variety of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, obesity, gastrointestinal diseases, and diabetes.

Our Favorite Black Raspberry Recipe

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