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1. Strengthen Immune System

Blackcurrants are packed with anthocyanins and antioxidants. Eating blackcurrants can strengthen your immune system, alleviate flu symptoms, and sooth sore throats.

Study: Researchers gave blackcurrant supplements to people who exercised regularly and discovered that it enhanced their immune system.

2. Treat Inflammation

Blackcurrants have gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an omega-6 fatty acid, known to ease inflammation in the body. The high anthocyanin content and GLA in blackcurrants can alleviate pain, stiffness, damage, and soreness.

Study: Researchers gave participants, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, blackcurrant supplements containing GLA. They concluded that it could reduce their pain.

3. Increase Flow of Blood to Heart

Blackcurrant juice contains high levels of GLA and potassium and can increase the flow of blood as well as reduce your blood pressure. The GLA helps cells in your heart by protecting them against damage and slowing down platelets sticking together in your blood vessels.

Study: Blackcurrant powder can increase the flow of blood to the heart and reduce overall peripheral resistance.

4. Soothes Eyes

Blackcurrants contain linoleic acid and GLA and can treat dry eye.

Study: Researchers discovered that blackcurrants could improve eye function such as the eyes ability to adapt to the dark, improve blood flow to the eyes, slow the progression of the visual field in glaucoma patients, and reduce the symptoms of visual fatigue.

Our Favorite Blackcurrant Recipe

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